Pet Rent

My cat and I were a package deal, two girls who had been through a rough year and were looking for a safe place to land. So we found an apartment in an up-and-coming Urban Village and settled in, James deciding to make the move with us. We didn’t really talk about living together, but there we were: a diva-kitty and two humans establishing roots in an apartment that looked like the inside of Chipotle.

Athena, looking on judgingly from her cat-condo.

Athena, looking on judgingly from her cat-condo.

7 months into our cohabitation, James and I got the itch. We started thinking long-term and maybe adding to our little family. We could make it work. We’d have to make some financial sacrifices and rearrange our work schedules. We had a bunch of friends and family nearby, so arranging for sitters wouldn’t be a big problem. Our social lives would change, but maybe that was for the better. We’d slow down. It would make us stronger as a couple. We might not be ready, but then who really is?

We had decided: we’d rescue a dog.

Well, what do you think?

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