How I Handle My Newfound Celebri-pup-ness… or -hood… or… SQUIRREL

hi. this is zozo.

my mom has been writing some embarrassing things about me, and i asked her to give it a break and let me write something. of course, she’s typing for me because that’s one of her jobs. her other jobs include people-food-sharer, tennis-ball-thrower and snuggle-upper. she also keeps the kibble and medicine and hugs (when i get scared). dad does these things, too, plus we share a nightly spoonful of peabut-nutter and he picks up my poop in the dark. he wears a headlamp. it’s weird.

i thought i would start off my first post with a joke. i love jokes. i’m a comedy pup. here’s one of my favorites:

what’s brown and sticky?

think it over long and hard. what is brown? and? sticky?  here, you may look at this cute picture of me while you think about the answer.


Give up?


A STICK! get it?! it’s brown and it’s a stick, and sticks are brown and… you were thinking number 2s, weren’t you?  i’m a gentleman.

life here at the house is pretty great.  i have a bed and a cot and a couch and a cat.  well, the cat thinks she owns the place, but i know that i’m in charge.  there’s rawhide bones and bullysticks and toys and peabut-nutter and pizza crust and sunspots and good humans who love me even when i’m having a bad day.  there’s also a ninja squirrel, who is my arch nemesis.  i am also betrothed to chloe, who is an australian cattle dog.  she’s beautiful.

i know my mom and dad were worried about getting me– that maybe they weren’t home enough and it would be unfair or something.  but the truth is, we’ve all made it work.  sometimes i see dad more, sometimes mom.  sometimes they see more of me and the cat than each other.  but that’s ok.

know what would make it even better?  if they’d let me sleep on the bed.  i’m working on it, and i’ll keep you posted.

HA, another joke!  posted!  and this is a blog!

well i thought it was funny.

i’m off to nap.


sloppy kisses on your toes,

zozo bean f—–

or pupper,

pupper doo,

and doodle (if you’ve been reading)

1 thought on “How I Handle My Newfound Celebri-pup-ness… or -hood… or… SQUIRREL

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