July 2013

There’s a heat wave on, folks. And as you all know, heat waves kill outdoor adventures and motivation. In our little abode, there’s a lot of moving from one comfy, cool, dark corner to another. There’s also much skittering of ice cubes and furbabies across the floor.

But most importantly, there’s a lot of this action:



Stay hydrated and safe, furrriends!


3 thoughts on “Sizzle

  1. LOL I love that second picture! Adorable! Yep, there’s a heat wave in effect here. Yesterday was 109 and today is suppose to be hotter. We’ve had over a week of this mess and no one in my household is happy. Titan doesn’t even want to be outside, which I can’t blame him. The ac in the house is having a hard time keeping up however it’s still cooler inside than outside. Me and my boy do most of our running around inside now, in short spurts, to try and keep us motivated in exercise. We are both so ready for Fall and Winter.

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