Santa, baby….

december 2013

dear santa-face,

i think maybe weez gonna have to agree to disagree on how good i’ve been this year.  i mean, i think imma good girl.  i give kisses.  i wiggle and smile at everybody.  and i don’t mean to bite doodle’s ears or pee on the couch when i’m asleep (not on my “mj designated” side of the couch) or steal french fries or hog the bed.  or terrorize the neighborhood squirrels.  not really.  so weez just gonna hafta agree that good is in the eye of the beholder, and i’m beholdin’.

so, for christmas… well it’s like this:  my birfday is like four days after christmas, so i really hope that i get christmas presents and birfday treats.  imma smart pup, and i know when mama gives doodle one more treat than me.  i can count.  let’s avoid awkwards.

anyways.  christmas.  this year i would like the following:

-a new snood from mama-g.  maybe something nautical.

-a tub of vanilla ice cream that i don’t has to share with mama

-a plushie toy that i’m allowed to destroy

dire wolves, 2

neil patrick harris

-something really stinky to sniffs

-a recording contract because i’m the best singer in the house

in the meantime, imma sit here and look mopey.  that usually gets me what i wants.

photo (3)                               licks and stuff,

mj buttersnap f—–

5 thoughts on “Santa, baby….

  1. After I looked up what a snood was, I can only imagine how chic Miss MJ would look in one. That said, I expect it would barely outlive the plushie.

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