Cabin Fever

January 2014

Well, it’s cold.  It’s winter and there’s snow and ice and salt and it’s cold.  Other than Zozo, no one is particularly interested in romping around outside in the bitter, biting air.

Unfortunately, between the chill and renovations in the house, there’s not a lot of room for the dogs to burn off energy.  Poor timing on our part.  Oops.

Sure, we’re getting our investment’s worth in our toys, including ones they’re usually not interested in, because now they’re new and exciting and something to do.  (This must be how my parents felt when my sister and I became restless during snow days:  Let’s play Risk!  Why not watch “Bedknobs and Broomsticks“? But I digress.)  MJ, though, will hoard them, leaving Zozo to retreat to one of his favorite flopping spots to sulk.

Mama, the little girl won't share!

Mama, the little girl won’t share!

We’re playing exploring games like “Go find the treat,” in which we hide biscuits and let the dogs hunt for them (“Find It!”). Sometimes we hide them in treat toys, but the pups tend to get too aggressive in their pursuit of the yummies.


We’re working on refreshing our trainings: SIT!

"Lady's first, Doodle," says MJ as she physically pushes Zo to the back of the treat line.

“Ladies first, Doodle,” says MJ as she physically pushes Zo to the back of the treat line.


We’re finding new ways to burn off steam, sort of.

We may or may not be tolerant and/or cooperative about snuggling to keep extra warm.

IMG_1074 IMG_1073


And no matter what, we’ve got two extra shadows stalking around behind us.

Whachoo doin' Mama?  Makin' a snack?

Whachoo doin’ Mama? Makin’ a snack?


-We like snacks very much Mama. Don’t forget about house rules!

But let’s be real.  We’re going stir-crazy.  We need something new.  Anyone have suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Cabin Fever

  1. We are the same. Today it is actually 22 and it seems downright balmy lol. Major snow coming again for tomorrow. Do you have those brain teaser games? (I didn’t recall you mentioning that above and if you did and I missed it, I’m sorry!)….maybe an indoor agility course?

  2. We enjoyed all the pictures. MJ got a workout and a good back scratch. Hope the weather warms soon so you can enjoy some outside activities. Hugs and nose kisses

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