Why so quiet?

Hello, dear readers!

It’s been forever since I consistently posted about our adventures.  We’ve had a long summer of treatments, and we came through just fine.  We took a wonderful family road-trip, which I’ll write about at some point because, really, if you can make the drive it’s absolutely worthwhile.

Really, I haven’t written because I’m too busy holding my breath.  MJ came through her treatments like the trooper she is, but every cough or bump or stumble makes me think her disease is sprinting back.  Zozo had his annual check-up, and his blood work needs to be redone because his levels are nearing “abnormal.”  I worry.

We don’t have human children, we have furbabies.  This year has been a tremendous, traumatic learning experience for us.    The time I should spend blogging and celebrating I’m instead spending compulsively counting the seconds between snores.  What if her pheno stops working and we can’t control her seizures?  What if Zo’s liver enzymes need more than a supplement?  What if what if what if?

We always expected to have gads of time with both of them.  We had plans for CGC certification for both dogs, and play dates and adventures.  Neither has a death sentence- not really, not yet– but I find myself fatalistically trudging through each day.  That’s not fair to them.  It’s not fair to James.

I’ll snap out of it.  I’ll figure out a way to cope with more than a smile and the utterance, “She doesn’t know she’s sick!” and “Our old boy is such a goober!” I’ll get there.  But for now you’ll find me under a puppy pile on our couch, all house rules broken, sharing vanilla ice-cream and bacon and watching Downton Abbey and staying up past bedtime.

We’ll be back.  It’s just taking some time.

5 thoughts on “Why so quiet?

  1. Oh, I love you. Thank you for sharing this and know that love is coming to MJ, Zozo, you and James ALWAYS. Enjoy those puppy piles – and rules were made to be broken. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. hay ewe pups….pleez ta tell yur mom, we all understand….troo lee….

    MJ & Zozo…de blessings oh St Francis two ewe both; pleez never doubt
    that him iz bye yur side; everee step oh de way….may bee it will help mom
    to noe thiz two ♥♥♥♥♥

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