Stand Up for Pits

On May 12, 2013, Arlington, VA became the first east coast location for Rebecca Corry’s Stand Up for Pits.

Comedian and actress Rebecca Corry is the Founder and Executive Producer of this nation-wide event.  Inspired by her experiences fostering and ultimately adopting her Pit, Angel, Corry is using her wit and passion to make incredible, positive strides for this misunderstood breed.

As it says on their site, Stand Up for Pits is “an amazing night of like-minded compassionate humans dedicated to one cause.  To save, educate and love the beautifully misunderstood and grossly misrepresented precious Pibble.  Stand Up For Pits is simply something that must be experienced to understand the power and positivity of truth.  As you are reading this, lives are being saved who have suffered atrocities at the hands of broken humans because of funds raise by this event.  We as a society will no longer stand for hatred or ignorance against a breed, religion or color.  We must continue to educate with patience and love in order to achieve a better world…  Stand Up For Pits is committed to educating and saving this beautiful breed through laughter and positivity.  Educated, responsible Pib owners will tell you, this breed has made them better.  They are teachers of unconditional love and undying loyalty.  They live in the moment with their whole hearts and want nothing more than to please you.  We, as fellow planet dwellers, owe them the same respect.  The precious Pibs would have typed this but they don’t have thumbs. KEEP BEING THEIR VOICE!” 

Local Pit bull “owner” and all-around awesome guy Richie Montgomery took countless hours of footage of local pibbles and love-labored them into this fantastic video for the May event:

Don’t worry if you missed this year’s event– there are more 2013 dates, and 2014 has a lot in store, including a One Million Pibble March On Washington (May 10, 2014).  Don’t believe me?  Check out this article from the Huffington Post and join the event page on Facebook.

You can always contact Rebecca directly via email (, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@TheRebeccaCorry).  I also recommend following Pibble Celebripup Angel on Twitter (@lovingANGELgirl). 


Notice a familiar mug cameo-ing in the video?  That’s our MJ, and she was honored to be a part of such a happy, important event for pitties and humans alike!  James captured some screenshots of her hamming it up for the camera.



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