Happy National Puppy Day, 3/23/19



we haven’t met yet.  i’m new here.  my name is Velma Adler Twix Finginsley.

  • velma, because i’m already getting into capers and i’m a #furderino; also, i’m really metal
  • adler, because the humans here like to read and irene adler is one smart boss-lady
  • twix, because i’m sweet like candy and that’s my christened name
  • and finginsley, because the humans said so

i’m about 13 weeks old.  i’m all white with a brindle spot where my rump meets my tail.  i have some ink spots on my face and tummy, too.  my eyes are brown.  my toes almost smell like fritos.

my humans (parents?) found me through key to lions heart rescue.  me and my 7 siblings were found on the side of the road in an extremely rural town in missouri. our finder saw us huddled on the side of the road shaking from the cold and took us into his home. he reached out asking for help since all the shelters there were full and a pit bull ban has been in the works (boo) where we were found. this good samaritan drove us 18 hours one way so we could have a better chance at life here.  now i’m stuck with these assholes.

i’m settling in.  learning the ropes.  trying to be the best girl possible.  my big brother doesn’t remember how to play, so we’re taking things very slow.  so far, i’ve made loads of friends, got new clothes, broken the internet and showed off my mad snoring skills.  i like to chew and low crawl.  i also enjoy treats and whimpering for love.  i pinwheel around my food bowl when i eat, and my zoomies are very fast.

i’m perfect.


Counting Completed #GivingTuesday

December 2014

On Thanksgiving afternoon, I posted a video wishing all of our beloved readers and lurkers a Happy Turkey Day.  During that video, I issued a “challenge;”  for every “Like” this blog received between Thanksgiving Day and midnight on Giving Tuesday (December 2), I would donate $1 to the Animal Welfare League of Arlington (AWLA).

Soon, I had readers reaching out through Facebook to let me know that they wanted to “Like” the post but they were being prompted to sign into WordPress to do so.  That felt rather inconvenient for them, so I extended the challenge to Likes in WordPress AND Facebook.

And then I sat back and waited.  I might have accidentally-on-purpose allowed a couple more days to go by.  This is the season of giving, after all.

Well, the final count is in.  Over that long weekend, 64 people liked the post.  That means $64 to AWLA.  I am so thrilled you liked me.  I mean, literally, you LIKEd me.

But I thought about it some more.  $64 didn’t feel like enough.  So I’ve been doing some thinking and some internet research.

Remember this little face?

photo credit: Animal Welfare League of Arlington

photo credit: Animal Welfare League of Arlington

 Almost four years ago, this was the picture of MJ that snagged our hearts and took us to AWLA’s door.  She’s been a handful and a riot, and we couldn’t imagine our family without her.  And because of her, we’ve met incredible volunteers and families through AWLA; our community has grown.

If we were to head over to AWLA today to bring home another puppy (puppy=younger than 6 months), our adoption fee would be $200.  For us, it was 100% worth it.

And so, dear readers, with your clicks and support, Peanut Butter & Cheese will be making a donation to AWLA for $200.  It’s not a lot, but it’s food or treats or toys for those furbabies waiting on their forever homes.

On a related subject…please!  If you’re thinking about gifting a pet to a friend or loved one this holiday season, remember: that kitten grows into a cat.  That dog may have accidents while he’s adjusting to home life. That guinea pig will need her habitat cleaned.  A pet is more than just an unveiling moment of suprise and wonder.  It’s for life.

Adopt, don’t shop.  But please adopt responsibly.