Pencil me in!

It’s been a very busy winter here in the F–G—— household.  Holidays, work, travel and visits!  Since our routines have been a bit interrupted, I haven’t been posting as consistently as I’d like.  So, something to work on (an addition to my resolution list— or intentions, as our pals over at Dakota’s Den call them)…

Anyhoo… here’s a quick rundown of our super adventures!

MJ and Zozo met their human cousin!  Adorable and puppy-friendly, Baby Cousin is also a recent walker.  To make sure everyone had the chance to say hello without fear of jumping and knocking-over, MJ and Zo greeted her first through the gate in their room, and then one at a time outside of the dog room.  I suspect, once everyone is a little older, there may be pictures of both girls (Baby Cousin and MJ) wearing matching tutus and eating popsicles.


We road-tripped for Christmas!  By now, the dogs have it down to a science.  Car harness, leashes, pit-stop then buckled in.  Usually, Zozo conks right out for the drive, and MJ slowly pushes him off the seat so she can spread out and gaze out all of the rear windows.


We flaunted our fashionable winter wear, courtesy of Mums.  It’s a fabulous fleece snood which sometimes works its way down to become a tube dress.  Because that’s how we roll.


MJ and Zozo supervised some home improvement work.  Which is ongoing.  Much to their chagrin.  PS: They’re also bossy and micro-manage-y.


And then, there’s been a lot of hanging around trying to recover from the holiday festivities.  Literally.