May 2014

It’s gorgeous outside.  And our boy suffers from seasonal allergies.  We run, we romp, we hunt bumble-bees, and when the itchy skin and watery eyes get to be too much, we head inside for the cool comfort of floor.

These days, it’s taking a lot for Doodle to settle and rest.  He’ll circle a spot 10 times before deciding he didn’t want to flop there anyway.  We hear him clicking around, huffing and sighing, and we stay out of the way and keep MJ from interrupting his quiet times.

But often, we’ll come back into a room, and he’s Feng-Zo’d it somehow.  Some examples:


here’s this oldie-but-goodie, where i believe he had assistance getting under his bedding. i think. but stranger things have happened


one cheek and tail are on the bed. thats all a pupper needs.


i said “no thank you, pillow”. down. stay.


what? the squishy bit is supposed to come out. i just wanted something soft for my chin.



Anyone else experience weird “getting comfy” rearrangements?