As the summer starts to wind down, we’re busy planning for the fall.  So, I have to keep things brief this week.

Several years ago, when we took Zozo to the Outerbanks for the first time, we discovered he was quite the water dog.  So, we’ve looked for opportunities around the house for him to continue to work on his swimming technique.

Lucky for us, Olde Towne Pet Resort is like Disneyland for dogs (more on them later), and they have a fantastic indoor lap pool.  And Zo visits to use the pool.

We call them Zozo’s swim lessons, because we’re (I’m) those kind of people.  Strapped into a life vest and with a personal lifeguard paddling alongside, Zozo spends a half hour getting fantastic exercise.



As do we, since we walk beside the pool as he laps.

(Please note the way he sheepishly glances at the camera, as though I’m embarrassing-slash-annoying his pool time.  Your spot’s been blown, buddy.)