Hairs Did

December 2014

Right before the holidays, it was time to get my roots done.  I’m not shy about my greys.  They happen.  I color them.  We have an understanding.

And the woman who does my hair, Katie, is a rockstar.  We’ve been through a lot of styles and colors together, and I really look forward to my time in her chair.

She’s also been a big fan of our dogs, whom she’s never actually met in-person.  She asks after their well-being, mourned MJ’s stump with me, and cheered for Zozo’s paw-horn.  She’s good people.

Sunday before Christmas, I had an appointment scheduled for first thing in the morning.  Having seen small-ish dogs in the salon before, I texted Katie to see what her thoughts were on my bringing MJ along.  (Zozo has a fear of my hair dryer, and I didn’t want to set him up for catastrophe.)  The last thing I want is for a social, wiggly girl to be underfoot or in the way of clients and stylists on a busy weekend.  But Katie was game.

MJ and I got dressed and coffee’d.  I packed a bag with a small toy, some treats and her crate towel, and we headed over to the salon.

That’s right folks: we girls got our hairs did.


sitting pretty, before we sit pretty


we got in some down-stay training while waiting for the salon to open.


scoping it out– this is what it looks like before a bustling salon bustles… it’s a little eerie. and perfect for pittie investigations






MJ made fast friends with Katie and her assistant, and followed them around the salon “helping”.


mama is processing…nbd


Best. Day. Ever.

Best. Day. Ever.


MJ is in charge now.

Katie took her on tour for a bit while I was being shampooed.   

Guys, it could have gone either way.  But it was awesome.  MJ was stellar and wiggled her tush off.  She got lots of love from stylists and clients alike.  By the time we left, the place was hopping– scissors snipping, dryers humming and water gushing, and it didn’t faze the little girl one bit.

Special thanks to Katie and the staff at PR at Partners in Shirlington for being wonderful.  Maybe we’ll do it again.