And when you find yourself in Asheville

Thanksgiving 2014

James and I have started planning our out-of-town escapes around things we can do with the dogs; rather, places we can go with the dogs.


  • must be an easy car ride (less that 8 hours without traffic)
  • must have well-lit, green-area’d rest stops along the way
  • must not be in a state with BSL about pit bull breed
  • must have dog-friendly activities
  • must not require kenneling

We’ve taken them to the Outer Banks.  We take them on overnights to relatives’ houses.  And now, they’ve been to Asheville.


Through, We rented a wonderful converted barn just a few miles outside of downtown Asheville, NC, for a Thanksgiving escape.    Pet-friendly with wooded trails, lots of sniffs and radiant flooring.


The barn is behind us.   Cameo appearance by Zozo's tongue.

The barn is behind us.
Cameo appearance by Zozo’s tongue.

We woke up our second morning to find a dusting of mountain snow!



not interested in snow. going back to sleep on the warm spot on the warm floor.

We ate, we napped, we went on adventures (you’ll have to wait for those), and we broke out of our travel crate.


Oh, and there were bears.  We saw them.  Well, one.  Our renters book was full of helpful information, like “Will a bear attack my dog?”


Asheville is a great, walkable town.  And we have the pictures to prove it.  Next time, on Serial.


February 27, 2014

I’ve had the opportunity to work from home recently, due to illness and snow-tastrophies and general boss-omeness (that’s “boss+awesome” for those of you who don’t fluently speak Kari).

It’s a privilege to work in my pjs, with snacks and coffee and couches in easy reach.  And puppy snuggles.

Yes, during those days when the living room/kitchen counter/office/hammock becomes my command center, our furbabies are  (mostly) ideal coworkers.

Zo typically camps out, moving between napping (The Dorothy Intervention of daylight hours) IMG_1171

and participating in conference calls.  That is, he’s a snoring, adorable mound until I unmute the phone to participate in a meeting, at which time he growls, grumbles, and provides a rousing soundtrack to my conversation.  He’s also great at interrupting people who drone on and on…What can I say?  He’s got mad skillz.

MJ takes advantage of the human-at-home-which-means-no-crate time by lounging on her puppy-approved end of the couch.


She also pops over to my workspace, to sit and stare.  And judge me.  After which she gives a big, huffy sigh and wiggles away.

She sat on the floor in that exact stop and started at me for 10 minutes straight.

She sat on the floor in that exact spot and stared at me for 10 minutes straight.

Inevitably, something adorable like this happens, which I only discover when I try to stand up and ruin the sibling-love moment by falling over them.


Helpers to the end!

It’s time for Kari’s favorite, seasonal game…

… Am I getting sick, or is this allergies?


As you know from a previous post, Zozo is quite the caregiver. He’s attentive.  He shares his comfort toys.  He gives kisses on your nose, which I take to be a way for him to gauge temperature and monitor sick-smell.

MJ can be an attention hound.  She wiggles, she smiles, she insinuates.  If there’s a nook into which she can fold herself, you can bet you’re getting a paw-punch to the gut.  However, to our unending surprise, The Bug is an incredible nursemaid.

She’s attentive, quiet and gentle.  She won’t leave your side.


She’s big on naps and snuggles, and she’s happy to guard the human who needs the most love.  If you go to bed alone, you wake up under her watchful, worried gaze.

nurse mj

Our pups are awesome.  We’re so lucky they take such good care of us.


July 2013

There’s a heat wave on, folks. And as you all know, heat waves kill outdoor adventures and motivation. In our little abode, there’s a lot of moving from one comfy, cool, dark corner to another. There’s also much skittering of ice cubes and furbabies across the floor.

But most importantly, there’s a lot of this action:



Stay hydrated and safe, furrriends!


A picture, instead of a thousand words

June 2010

Like any respectable, young professionals accustomed to dorm-then-apartment living, we’ve decided to move again.  However, like any respectable, young married couple, we’re liquidating our meager savings and buying a house.

No more city living– or near-city living– for us.  No!  We’re moving to the suburban (read: unfashionable) end of a cool NoVA city with a big fenced yard and not a lot of commercial traffic.

And so, while we question why we have so many books and we fight over who is going to get the walk-in closet, I bring you a small photo-spread of Pupper and Athena as they begin to settle into their new digs.

Athena can matrix herself up onto any surface.  It’s not unusual to see her peering down from the fridge, the top of a bookcase or from behind the television.  But once she’s spotted, she either makes a break for it:

melting kitty









or plays the “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” game:


Zozo, on the other hand, has found his way onto the couch, which is his new command center while we bustle around with boxes.  From here, he can see everyone.  Everything.

Don't let this picture fool you.  He may look compact, but Zo's tucked his 75lbs into a little, furry ball.

Don’t let this picture fool you. He may look compact, but Zo’s tucked his 75lbs into a little, furry ball.


Or nap.  Mostly nap.    rest