Keeping Cool

July 2016

It’s.  So.  Hot.

Summertime in the suburbs of DC always swelters.  Humidity.  Tourists.  So much gross.

To keep cool this year, we’re relying on our old stand-bys:

Frozen Nibbles:  Zozo will do anything for frozen green beans and/or banana slices.  We put them on top of his dried food or use them as treats after short trips outside.  He’ll wait (im)patiently for them when we come inside.

why must you torture me with “wait”?

 When he was younger, we could sate him with ice cubes.  As he’s aged, he’s less interested in them.  But frozen treats seem to do the trick.

Basement dwelling:  it’s like we have an adolescent human boy.  He lurks in the dark corners of the basement, drawn out only by promises of food.  It’s cool.  It’s dark.  Quiet.  There’s video games and instruments.  He loves it.  And he’s reluctant to come up or share the couch.  Or he’s under it.

Dorothy Affect, basement version

Close crops: like it or not, we cut off all of his fur for the summer.  His shaggy, flat black coat is unbearable in the sunshine and heat.  He’s groomed closed to his skin– so close that you can see how white his belly is.  And it makes me laugh when he’s sleek and skin-y.

Water sports:  Zozo loves to swim.  Loves it.  He like to splash and paddle and chase balls.  We don’t have a pool at our disposal, so we often take him to Old Towne Pet Resort for a dip and a bath.


Tell us!  How do you stay cool when it’s hot outside?  What are some things we should try?

All my bags are packed…

March 2014

5 days.  We’re going out of town for 5 whole days.  The furbabies are going to the spa for only 5 days.  They’ll go to day camp, and have swim lessons, and play with new people, and get baths and haircuts and paw-dicures.  I suspect their vacation will be more fun than ours.

But packing for the pups can take as much time as packing ourselves.  We start with two bags.  One is for food; the other, “stuff”:


Then, I have to do math.  Two dogs, breakfast and dinner, five days… it’s easier with scratch paper and my trusty TI-82 (just kidding, I have plenty of fingers and toes).


Next, I individually portion their meals into Ziploc baggies.  I like the good ol’fashioned sandwich size baggies because of their durability, reusability and recyclability.


Naturally, when dealing with food, or anything in the kitchen, the helpers ninja themselves into the room.  They both have distinctive “I’m traveling” noises, except when they don’t want me to know what they’re up to.  I only notice them when I bump into them or catch a snout peaking over the counter.



Open the Ziploc.  Scoop the food.  Zip the Ziploc.  Repeat.  This is as annoying as it sounds.  Although Pupper is 20lbs heavier than Buns, they eat the same-sized portions twice a day, because of their different energy levels.  So, good news is I don’t have to label the bags.


Once the kibble is packaged, the portions are dropped into a travel bag and hidden in the coat closet to prevent any midnight food raids.


Then we move on to packing the “stuff” bag.  Whenever the dogs go to the spa, I like to send them with their crate towels and a few toys.  These items smell like home, and it makes me feel better to know they have something of us with them.  I suspect they don’t care.  Whatever.


Finally, I hang this bag on the closet door for easy grab-and-go when it’s time to hit the road, and to remind me to open the closet to bring along their food.

what's... in... here...?

what’s… in… here…?

Bon Voyage!!

Next week, while we’re off adventuring, we’ll have a very special guest blog post!