breaking news, from our foreign correspondent

September 2014

Doesn’t it feel like Summer came to a full stop?  The humidity broke, the crazy thunderstorms have retreated and denim jackets are on parade!

To bring you additional clues on the changing of seasons, I’m happy to present this guest post, written by Erika (my mom), and featuring Athena.  Why is Athena in residence as Chez Mums?  That’s another story for another day.  Basically it comes down to this: better food and she has cable.

But I digress

From your “foreign” (Maryland) correspondent

Signs you know summer is over:

1. You can’t get up in the morning cause it’s still too dark. Even at 6am (ugh).

2. The smells of outdoor grilling are replaced by wood burning.

3. Farmer’s markets are gone

4. New activity: Raking fallen leaves now substitutes for pulling weeds.

5. Halloween costumes line the shelves.

6. Christmas candy gets mixed in with Halloween candy. (What’s with that? And what happened to Thanksgiving treats?)

7. Air conditioner stays off and light blanket comes on.

8. Athena comes out from the shadows underneath the bed. Briefly, to reclaim her corner.


9. Then, to burrow and hibernate.


Happy Fall 2014!