And when you find yourself in Asheville

Thanksgiving 2014

James and I have started planning our out-of-town escapes around things we can do with the dogs; rather, places we can go with the dogs.


  • must be an easy car ride (less that 8 hours without traffic)
  • must have well-lit, green-area’d rest stops along the way
  • must not be in a state with BSL about pit bull breed
  • must have dog-friendly activities
  • must not require kenneling

We’ve taken them to the Outer Banks.  We take them on overnights to relatives’ houses.  And now, they’ve been to Asheville.


Through, We rented a wonderful converted barn just a few miles outside of downtown Asheville, NC, for a Thanksgiving escape.    Pet-friendly with wooded trails, lots of sniffs and radiant flooring.


The barn is behind us.   Cameo appearance by Zozo's tongue.

The barn is behind us.
Cameo appearance by Zozo’s tongue.

We woke up our second morning to find a dusting of mountain snow!



not interested in snow. going back to sleep on the warm spot on the warm floor.

We ate, we napped, we went on adventures (you’ll have to wait for those), and we broke out of our travel crate.


Oh, and there were bears.  We saw them.  Well, one.  Our renters book was full of helpful information, like “Will a bear attack my dog?”


Asheville is a great, walkable town.  And we have the pictures to prove it.  Next time, on Serial.

Stumps McNubbin

April 2013



immediately post-surgery.  medicated, coned and anti-social

immediately post-surgery. medicated, swollen, coned and anti-social. and i cried because i thought we’d broken her spirit.

the morning after, when mj demonstrated that painkillers could only enhance her cute wiggliness

day 1: the morning after, when mj demonstrated that painkillers only enhanced her cute wigglyness.  silly, worrying mama.  she’s just as spirited as ever.

so long as she was supervised, we kept her cone off.  she was way more comfortable, and less whiny, this way.

day 2: so long as she was supervised, we kept her cone off.  she was way more comfortable, and less whimpery, this way.

"i broke my cone mama.  you got duckytape?"

day 4: “i broke my cone mama. you got duckytape?”

"maybe i'll get my stitches out today? " 7 days post-op.

“maybe i’ll get my stitches out today? ” 7 days post-op.

stitches, be gone!

day 10: stitches, be gone!  note: she is using a pink and brown polka dot ribbon to fasten on her cone.  a girl’s gotta look good.


Dear sir.

December 2013

Dear Fat Man with Beard,

I find you frightening.  I don’t like clompy boots or men in hats with beards who skulk around my house looking to come inside.  I will herd the furniture to barricade any points of entry against you, and I will bark from window to window until you fly away.  I must protect this house.

Yes, It is personal.  My sincerest apologies.

Because of this fear, I cannot justify requesting treats to reward my good behavior.  Instead, maybe you can bring my presents to puppies who need them more?

I am very thankful for what I have, except for my sister who makes me grumpy sometimes.  I could maybe use some more bacon and pancakes, but I’m not going to beg.

So travel safely. Keep away.

Snout Bump,

Zozo Bean F—–

ps- what do reindeer smell like?  are they allowed to eat chocolate?

Santa, baby….

december 2013

dear santa-face,

i think maybe weez gonna have to agree to disagree on how good i’ve been this year.  i mean, i think imma good girl.  i give kisses.  i wiggle and smile at everybody.  and i don’t mean to bite doodle’s ears or pee on the couch when i’m asleep (not on my “mj designated” side of the couch) or steal french fries or hog the bed.  or terrorize the neighborhood squirrels.  not really.  so weez just gonna hafta agree that good is in the eye of the beholder, and i’m beholdin’.

so, for christmas… well it’s like this:  my birfday is like four days after christmas, so i really hope that i get christmas presents and birfday treats.  imma smart pup, and i know when mama gives doodle one more treat than me.  i can count.  let’s avoid awkwards.

anyways.  christmas.  this year i would like the following:

-a new snood from mama-g.  maybe something nautical.

-a tub of vanilla ice cream that i don’t has to share with mama

-a plushie toy that i’m allowed to destroy

dire wolves, 2

neil patrick harris

-something really stinky to sniffs

-a recording contract because i’m the best singer in the house

in the meantime, imma sit here and look mopey.  that usually gets me what i wants.

photo (3)                               licks and stuff,

mj buttersnap f—–

Sweet dreams!

Two lumps, two rumps. Apparently, everyone is ready for bed tonight.