When I dip, you dip, we dip…

July 2014

Guys! Guys! For like…ohhhh… three years I’ve been asking James if I could get a wading pool for myself the dogs.  And for three years he’s been all, “it will kill the grass” and “but, mosquitos” about it.  But this 4th of July, to celebrate the successful completion of some grueling DIY home improvement stuff, he finally caved.  Mostly because I was driving and I didn’t ask for permission.  We went to Trader Joe’s for sustenance, we stopped at Petsmart for a replacement dog bed, and then to Toys’R’Us for a pool.

And he’s excited about it.  I know, because he put this picture on Facebook:


The pool wass bent and squished and wedged (and shoved) into the backseat of The Car.  Surprisingly, it made it home in one piece.

At first, we had to coax the dogs into the pool with cheese.  They weren’t too sure about the big blue bowl on the patio.  Once they were in, they were reluctant to get out!



Of course we have videos!

Some lessons we’ve learned:

1.  If you’re sitting with your feet in the pool, one or both dogs will scratch your shins until you remove your feet, thus allowing more romping and splashing space.

2. Tennis balls must taste better when they’ve been dunked in hose water.

3.  MJ can become possessive of the pool after being splashed in the face by her brother.  And while we corrected the behavior, I don’t blame her snippiness.

4.  Dogs cannon-balling into the pool will move said pool half way across the patio, which may or may not be part of the fun.

5.  That pool is really, really heavy to empty.

6.  Dry dogs will break out of the sunroom to run through the murky, drained pool water.

7.  Seriously, this is the best $18 we’ve ever spent.  They both love the cool-off option on hot days.  And mosquitos were not a concern.  Neither was dead grass. I win.