Weight: 51.1 lbs

On June 24th, just 13 days after MJ concluded her radiation therapy, we went in for a check up.  The plan was to do a full CBC to see how her body chemistry had settled after the completion of the radiation treatments, and to maybe, finally have her stitches removed.

The Good News: CBC results came back with NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!  She was cleared for chemo (CCNU), and we opted to begin that day. (more on this in a moment)  We could also schedule MJ for her annual vaccinations, which had lapsed since the start of this ordeal.

The Bad News: we left with four stitches for extra safety.  BUT no cone.

CHEMOTHERAPY FOR DOGS. Like for humans, the idea is to control and eradicate the cancer while still providing the best quality of life for MJ.  Unlike humans, dogs do not experience the side effects of chemo: vomiting, nausea, disorientation, etc.    Because her white cell count will be decreased, she is more susceptible to infection.  She may lose some hair or experience slower hair growth over her scar.  We need to keep an eye on her to make sure she’s not exhibiting lethargy or loopiness.

Her treatments will be given every three weeks for a planned total of 6 doses.  If she starts to have a reaction to the medication, we’ll adjust course.  But if everything goes well, by the end of summer, MJ should be free of therapies and we’ll be back to “normal”.

And those last four stitches… they fell out.  Because I cut them out.

Well, what do you think?

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