So grateful

Since April 1, 2015, we have been humbled by the love and support MJ received.  Shortly after her surgery, I started to keep a log of those little things that have touched us the most.  This is, by no means, the extent of the kindness, well-wishes, snuggles and dried tears… but these are the things I remember:

-Melissa M., Cathy O., Margaret H-K., Alan K., Val F., Chris N., Mark H. and Abbi L. volunteering to sit with MJ when we couldn’t, to give us night out or room to talk or rail.

-Genevieve J. offering to do anything, even though she wasn’t allowed to drive because she’d just welcomed her son into the world.

-Erika and Mary, because they’re the moms and they gave me permission to mommy-react.

-Richie M. volunteering to film MJ during the course of her treatment, recovery and the time to come, because we deserved to remember her as goofy and healthy.

-Val F. baking us cookies, which James dropped  all on the floor.  And we ate them anyway.  And they were the right kind of emotions to eat.

-Denise from OTPR calling us on her day off to check in on MJ.

-Audrey, C. because she just got it and because she boob dialed me.

-Chris from OTPR who cried when I told him MJ was ill, and for letting me give him a hug because I needed it and he deserved one.

-Richard F., showing up on our porch with a donation to her fund.

-John L., who showed us how to be brave.


-and everyone who called, wrote, texted, commented… everyone who loved her.

Thank you.

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